Indulge in one of our therapeutic massage services at Colours Salon & Day Spa. Our highly skilled therapists can customize your treatments to fit your specific needs. Calm your mind and re-energize your spirit. Contact us today to book your appointment!

Massage Therapy
Swedish Massage (45 min - $60 / 60 min - $75 / 90 min - $110)
A great full body massage or for clients who would like to relax. Various techniques used to help overall muscle tension, increase blood flow, decrease blood pressure and stimulate the lymphatic system. Helps to promote mind and body balance.
Deep Tissue (60 min - $85 / 90 min - $115)
Directed toward chronic areas of tension and for clients who live an active lifestyle. Medium to deep pressure following and crossing muscle fibers, facilitates the release of muscle tension. Benefits the release of trigger points and removal of toxic build-up in muscles.
Neck and Back or Arm and Leg (45 min - $53)
A focused session on client’s specified areas of stress and tension. Medium to deep pressure is usually applied.
Aromatherapy Massage (60 min - $70 / 90 min - $85)
This special massage offers essential oils that enhance senses as well as heal the soul. Hot moist towels are also involved.
Expecting Mother Massage (1 hour - $75)
It is the perfect way to help the mother-to-be reduce stress and tension.
The Quick Fix (15 min - $20 / 30 min - $40)
Just what the doctor ordered. An easy and affordable way to fit a massage into your day.
Reflexology (40 min - $50)
Looking for happy soles? Try our new Reflexology treatment. 20 minutes on each foot will bring your feet back to life.

Incorporate hot stones or aromatherapy into your massage for an additional $10