Cold weather brings artificial heat which is your skin’s worst enemy. Colours Salon has some great suggestions. If you are experiencing dry skin from head to toe, a full body massage with essential oils is the best way to replenish and restore healthy skin. Our massage therapist, Hannah, offers a full range of body treatments to help relax you and condition your skin.

If your face is suffering from the cold – chapped skin or skin that is reacting to dry heat – you might want to book a facial to increase moisture which will penetrate not only the surface layer but multiple layers that promote spa-healthy skin long after you’ve left the salon.

Our esthetician will customize a specific treatment for your skin type and recommend products so that you may continue healthy skin care at home.

Don’t ignore your hands and feet, which can become very dry and even cracked during the cold weather months. We recommend aparaffin treatment for hands and feet, from which you will see instant results. Try one of our spa pedicures or manicures which includes an exfoliation followed by a moisturizing masque. It is both relaxing and healing for the skin.

Your hair also needs special treatment during the winter months. Colours Salon offers a myriad of deep conditioning and protein treatments. These include volumizing, moisturizing and strengthening. Talk to one of our beauty professionals about what is best for your hair type.

No matter which part of your body is crying out for moisture this time of year, Colours Salon has an answer that will make your skin and hair look and feel its healthy best. Call 410-252-0933 for an appointment today. Feel free to ask questions about services. Our professional team can give you recommendations based on your individual needs. Go to for a description of services. If you are a new client, please ask about our “new client” discount.